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Football season is around the corner, Tv shows are about to start new seasons and greats movies coming soon, make sure you get your subscriptions in time for the action ūüôā

Promotions till 31/07/2018


12 months IPTV with over 7200 channels for £70 1 stream or £115 for 2 streams *

12 months Plex with over 6000+ Movies and 59000 Series ( episodes ) £50 for 1 Stream or £85 for 2 streams *

12 months IPTV + Plex £110 1 stream each or £200 2 streams each *

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For every customer referred that join for 3 months or more we will give 1 month free ( limited time ) **

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We now have own android app for iptv with recording option, install using FireDL app, using code: 246080

Video Preview at the end of the page

Now possible to customize iptv list, we can remove any country you don’t need , making it faster to load

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  • ** need to be current customer to get the offer